Utron Guide

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utron uses the gorm library as its Object Relational Mapper, so you won't need to learn anything fancy. In our todo app, we need to define a Todo model that will be used to store our todo details.

In the file models/todo.go we define our todo model like this

package models

import (


type Todo struct {
    ID        int       `schema: "-"`
    Body      string    `schema:"body"`
    CreatedAt time.Time `schema:"-"`
    UpdatedAt time.Time `schema:"-"`

func init() {

Notice that we need to register our model by calling utron.RegisterModels(&Todo{}) in the init function otherwise utron won't be aware of the model.

utron will automatically create the table todos if it doesn't exist.

Don't be confused by the schema tag, I just added them since we will use the schema package to decode form values(this has nothing to do with utron, you can use whatever form library you fancy.)