Utron Guide

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utron support yaml, json and toml configurations files. In our todo app, we put the configuration files in the config directory. I have included all three formats for clarity, you can be just fine with either one of them.

utron searches for a file named app.json, or app.yml, app.toml, app.hcl in the config directory. The first to be found is the one to be used.

This is the content of config/app.json file:

    "app_name": "utron web app",
    "base_url": "http://localhost:8090",
    "port": 8090,
    "verbose": false,
    "static_dir": "static",
    "view_dir": "views",
    "database": "postgres",
    "database_conn": "postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost/todo",
    "automigrate": true

You can override the values from the config file by setting environment variables. The names of the environment variables are shown below (with their details)

setting environment name details
app_name APP_NAME application name
base_url BASE_URL the base url to use in your views
port PORT port number the server will listen on
verbose VERBOSE if set to true, will make all state information log to stdout
static_dir STATIC_DIR directory to serve static files e.g. images, js or css
view_dir VIEWS_DIR directory to look for views
database DATABASE the name of the database you use, e.g. postgres, mysql, sqlite3, foundation
database_conn DATABASE_CONN connection string to your database
automigrate AUTOMIGRATE creates the tables for models automatically.

If you haven't specified explicitly the location of the configuration directory, it defaults to the directory named config in the current working directory.